Gaza Strip terus dibedil

dah lobih seminggu semenanjung Gaza disorang oleh Israel.
jumlah kematian pon da makin meningkat, da dokek 500 kematian.
dan takdo sapo yang boleh suroh israel ni boronti.

apo yang boleh kito lakukan?



Giap Seng berkata…
I feel sorry for those innocent folks.

Why killing of innocent people by the Israel troop is not reported as "terrorist" in the Western media?

Man are born equal, regardless of their religions. No body deserved that killing.

Really sorry to see those who suffer.
hubahuba berkata…
it is very sad...
the western choose who is the terrorist. they don't care how terrorist they are in their anti-terrorist campaign.

if fighting terrorist is their mission, they should kill their self now, as they were terrorizing others.

the terrorist they claim are actually helpless people. people who cant fight fairly. unarmed, lack in number and economically down.

the main objective of their war is to run their business. do you know how much they spend during wars? and where does the money goes?
arm dealers.
food suppliers.
medical expenses.
their army.
it is juz a simple escape route they made to keep their economy running.

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